Golf Cart Batteries





The SSB Golf Cart Deep-Cycle Heavy-Duty Conventional battery has been specifically designed to withstand Australia’s harsh environmental conditions while maintaining its high performance, reliability, and resistance to corrosion. It features a high-impact polypropylene plastic casing for added strength and polyethylene envelope separators to enhance the battery's performance. The Heavy-Duty Conventional Range is manufactured to high-quality standards and exceeds minimum original equipment (OEM) requirements.

  • Industrial Grade - Designed and Built tough for Australian Conditions
  • Superior Amp Hour
  • Longer Cycle Life
  • Flooded Low Maintenance Design
  • Fluid Displacement Technology - Stops separation of fluid from the plates, prevents overheating and increases battery life
  • Long Life Grid Design
  • Extra Thick Plates - For added capacity
  • Flame Arrestors - To prevent sparks from entering the battery for added safety
  • Superior Design and Quality - Manufactured to Quality Assurance Standard ISO 9001
  • 12 Months Commercial Warranty

Headquartered in Sydney, Super Start Batteries is one of Australia’s largest battery suppliers. Our extensive product range includes 12v lithium deep-cycle batteries, 12v 100ah deep-cycle batteries, 100 amp hour deep-cycle batteries, 100ah AGM deep-cycle batteries and more. 

There are multiple ways to shop for your favourite Super Start Batteries, including in-store pick-up and online purchases. Don’t forget to ask our friendly sales staff about prices, sale offers and discounts when buying in-store.

Part Number Volts CCA RC AH Dimensions (mm)
L x W x H x TH
Weight (Kg) Terminal
GC6V225AH 6 NA NA 226 260 x 180 x 248 x 279 27.5 5 LP
GC8V170AH 8 NA NA 172 260 x 180 x 248 x 279 26.6 5 LP
GC12V150AH 12 NA NA 150 328 x 180 x 248 x 279 33.5 5 LP