Lawn Mower Batteries





SSB Lawn Mower Carries the largest range of High-Performance Ride-on Lawn Mower batteries in Australia which covers not only locally owned makes such as Victa and Rover but also other most other makes and models from around the world such as John Deere and Case International. The SSB Lawn Mower Range is genuinely maintenance-free in every respect. SSB Automotive batteries are filled and heat-sealed at the factory–all you have to do is install this battery and virtually forget about it. There’s no need to add water.

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Headquartered in Sydney, Super Start Batteries is one of Australia’s largest battery suppliers. Our extensive product range includes 12v car batteries, 6v 4WD batteries, deep-cycle batteries, lithium batteries, motorcycle batteries, marine batteries, lawn mower batteries, and chargers and accessories.

There are multiple ways to shop for your favourite Super Start Batteries including in-store pick-up and online purchases. Don’t forget to ask our friendly staff for sale offers when buying in-store.

Part Number Volts CCA RC AH Dimensions (mm)
L x W x H x TH
Weight (Kg) Terminal
SSU1 12 380 50 28 196 x 132 x 159 x 185 8.4 1 LUG
SSU1R 12 380 50 28 196 x 132 x 159 x 185 8.4 0 LUG
ESU1 12 290 26 22 196 x 132 x 159 x 185 7.4 1 LUG
ESU1R 12 290 26 22 196 x 132 x 159 x 185 7.4 0 LUG