Power Estimator


Our Power Estimator helps you to find the right size and type of deep cycle battery you need. List all devices you will be running with your deep cycle battery. Results will vary based on each device’s rated power consumption and daily runtime requirement.

Total Daily Usage (Wh):
0 Wh
Total Daily Usage (Ah):
0 Ah
Recommended AGM Battery @ 50% DOD:
0 Ah
Recommended Lithium Battery @80% DOD:
0 Ah

Note: Calculated results are estimates based on supplied data. Actual results may vary depending on external factors such as operating temperature, battery age, charging systems etc.

Amps to Watts

To convert Amps to Watts, simply multiply Amps by 12.
For example, 100 Amps x 12 = 1200 Watts

Estimate Assumptions

This Power Estimator assumes that:
• the battery is fully recharged after every use.
• the device is operating at peak power consumption
• the battery is used within its specified application, current draw,
and temperature parameters.
• Recommended battery cycle life of up to 1800 cycles for
AGM, and up to 4000 cycles for Lithium batteries.

Ensure that your charging system can maintain and charge the battery to its full capacity during operation. Your power output (usage) should not exceed input (charge) at the end of each day.

Cycle Life and Depth of Discharge

It is important to understand the relationship between cycle life and depth of discharge (DOD). Each discharge will reduce the cycle life of the battery.