Marine Batteries





• High Performance Maintenance Free Marine
• Higher Cranking Capacity
• Higher Amp Hour
• Genuine Cast Calcium-Calcium MF

Unlike Automotive batteries that provide high CCA to start a vehicles engine, marine batteries are not only required to provide this burst of power but also require enough Amp Hour Capacity (like a deep-cycle battery) to run the onboard accessories with or without the engine running. SSB Marine batteries have been engineered with this in mind. They are a Highly Advanced Genuine Cast Calcium – Calcium Maintenance Free Battery that has been designed using state-of-the-art technology to provide both the CCA needed to start the boats engine while also having enough capacity to power the boats accessories even while the engine is not running.

SSB Marine Batteries are filled, and heat sealed at the factory so that you simply install this battery and virtually forget about it. No need to add water. The battery has also been designed tough using the highest quality materials to resist vibration from the pounding seas.

SSB Marine Batteries are manufactured to International Quality Assurance Standard ISO9001, and its high cranking ability and reserve capacity will rival almost any high performance marine battery in Australia. The battery also boasts twin marine terminals and a charge indicator giving you peace of mind.

Part Number Volts CCA RC AH Dimensions (mm)
L x W x H x TH
Weight (Kg) Terminal
ES50M 12 550 115 55 230 x 171 x 202 x 223 14.9 1 STD
ES70M 12 680 150 70 259 x 175 x 200 x 221 17.9 1 STD
ES70ZZM 12 740 180 80 303 x 170 x 201 x 222 20.4 1 STD
MF70M 12 850 175 80 259 x 175 x 200 x 221 20.2 1 TM
MF70ZZM 12 940 200 90 303 x 170 x 201 x 222 23 1 TM