Privacy Policy SSB Lithium App

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy explains what kind of data and why we collect this data of users of SSB Lithium Starting App (henceforth called “App”).

By using this App, users fully understand and agree to the terms of this privacy policy. This agreement stipulates the rights and obligations of the app between Super Start Batteries Pty Ltd and the user. A user refers to an individual or company that uses this App.

Changes to this Privacy Policy.

This agreement can be modified and updated by Super Start Batteries Pty Ltd at any time without prior notice. Users can check the latest version of the agreement terms in this App. If the user does not accept the modified terms, please stop using the service provided SSB Lithium Starting app immediately. The user’s continued use of this App is deemed acceptance to the modified agreement.


During your use of this App, we may collect information on your location information. This App uses the Bluetooth function to connect to the battery protection board. The communication between the two devices requires the user to open the location service of the mobile phone and the location of the software to obtain permission.

1) Bluetooth permission application. The app uses Bluetooth communication. You need to turn on the Bluetooth permission to communicate with the battery’s internal BMS

2) Geographical location data. We may receive your device’s geographic location information and location-related information by storing it in your mobile phone and through your IP address.

3) File storage management permission. The app uses the function of OTA remote upgrade device BMS program. It is required to use the file storage permission and function of the mobile phone.

Third party sharing

We will not share data collected from this app about user’s personal and location information to anyone.