CB16CL-B Extra Heavy Duty Conventional Jet Ski Battery

Technical Data
Part No CB16CL-B
Volts 12
CCA 285
Reserve Capacity -
Length 174mm
Width 101.2mm
Height 173mm
Terminal Height 153.5mm
Weight 7.03KG
AH (20hr) 19
Regular Charge 1.9
Max Charge 4.75
Plate Type -
Separator Type Absorbed Glass Mat
Usage Starting
Terminal Type
Terminal Assembly

  • Superior Cranking Power
 Powerful Long Life Performance
  • Australia's Largest Range

SSB PowerSport carries the largest range of High Performance Motorcycle batteries in Australia which covers not only Motorcycles but also, Scooters, Jet Skis, Utility Vehicles, All Terrain Vehicles, Ride-on Mowers & Snowmobiles and includes 7 different ranges.

Each range varies in performance level and battery type, including not only Conventional types (acid filled) but also Maintenance-Free, VRLA, Gel & DryCell types which means that for every application the customer has choice of up to 7 different batteries.  Each range is also uniquely colour coded making SSB PowerSport the easiest motorcycle battery to resell in Australia.

All SSB PowerSport batteries are manufactured to International Quality Assurance Standard ISO 9001 and are Recyclable – Protecting the Environment for your peace of mind.

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