SSB EFB batteries have been specifically engineered for advanced vehicles featuring Start-Stop technology in our efforts to reduce carbon emissions. This is a product of our advocacy to sustainable clean energy, focusing our research and technology to protect our environment.Using the latest OE Technology for Advanced Start-Stop Vehicles including high compression fleece separators, this Ultra High-Performance AGM battery boasts up to 4 times the cycle life of flooded calcium-calcium car batteries and is 100% Leak Proof and Spill-proof and is exempt from Dangerous Goods classification.

Other features include powerful cranking power, high charge acceptance for absorbing large surges of electrical energy and high Vibration Resistance.Whether you use SSB i-Start as a Start Stop Battery or as a High-Performance AGM battery for regular vehicles (no Start Stop Technology), the battery will deliver exceptional performance, flawless reliability, and longer life. SSB i-Start batteries are manufactured to Quality Assurance Standard ISO 9001 and come with 24 Months National Replacement Warranty.

When failure is not an option – use only SSB Enhance Flood Start-Stop Batteries.

  • Designed and Built tough for Australian Conditions
  • High Performance Maintenance Free
  • Lastest OE Technology for the latest Hi-Tech Start-Stop Vehicles
  • Powerful Cranking Power – even with a low state of Charge
  • Extreme Vibration Resistant
  • Long Life Grid Design
  • Super Strong Grid Plate and Patent Alloy for Better Life Under High Temperature
  • Superior Design & Quality – Manufactured to Quality Assurance Standard ISO9001
  • Optimized Active Material Design for Longer PSoC and Deep Cycle Life
  • Flame Arrestors – To prevent sparks entering the battery for added safety
  • 24 Months National Warranty For Stop-Start Vehicles
  • Rated for Under Bonnet use
  • When Failure is not an Option – Use SSB i-Start Batteries