Australia’s Most Powerful AGM Motorcycle Battery Range

“Cover 97% of your battery sales with just 40 XR Series AGM Batteries”

SSB Powersport High Performance AGM batteries are a versatile & reliable alternative to conventional lead-acid batteries. Each cell is sealed by a valve preventing penetration by airborne oxygen. Excess pressure (from overcharging) is vented and the valve resets. Gases within the battery is recombined to form water therefore never needing water and making it a genuine maintenance free battery that is completely spill proof making it ideal for Extreme Power Sports. Providing one of the Highest CCA Powersport Batteries in Australia.

• Genuine High Performance AGM Battery
• Powerful Cranking Power – Up to 50% more cranking amps than other brands
• Dry Cell (Non-spillable) – Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations that leak and have no power
• Extra Long Life
• Superior Design & Quality – Manufactured to Quality Assurance Standard ISO 9001
• Extreme Vibration Resistant
• Can be used on its Side – Completely sealed and can be used on any angle or side
• 40 Sizes Covers 97% of Sales – There are over 250 motorcycle battery sizes sold in Australia. 40 XR Series AGM batteries cover 97% of the motorcycle range
• Suitable for V Twin Motorcycles – Due to their high cranking power and tough durable design, XR Series batteries can be used in V Twin motorcycles including Harleys
• Australia’s Premium AGM Motorcycle Battery
• 12 Months National Full Replacement Warranty
• When Failure is not an Option – Use only SSB PowerSport – XR Series