The SSB Powersport Lithium range (LiFePO4) are extremely light weight batteries designed for starting applications and are a completely dry battery making them spill-proof and leak-proof. You must pick one up for yourself to truly understand how light they actually are compared to normal lead acid batteries. They are truly amazing.

A normal lead acid motorcycle battery is designed to last for 200 – 300 cycles, whereas SSB Powersport Lithium batteries are designed to last for over 2,000 cycles (more than 10 Years design life). In addition, they can sit unused for over a year without losing charge and can also be charged extremely quickly without damaging the battery.

Unlike many other lithium batteries, SSB Powersport Lithium are made using prismatic cells making them not only safe to use, but also boasts higher CCA (cold cranking amps), better cyclic properties and have a longer life. We are aware of only one other brand of lithium starting battery that uses prismatic cells. Other brands generally use cylindrical cells and while they may be a little cheaper due to lower manufacturing costs, they are inferior and are not designed for starting vehicles.

SSB PowerSport is the Pioneer of lithium starting batteries in Australia. We were the first and we are the best. We have been researching, testing and using lithium batteries for over 5 years. We have also purchased and tested almost every other major brand of lithium starting batteries from around the world and have designed SSB PowerSport batteries to be more superior in every aspect. Basically our lithium batteries are one of the most powerful and lightest lithium starting batteries in the world. While there may be other brands using similar battery cases (even similar colours), be assured that if it doesn’t have the SSB PowerSport logo, it does not offer the same capacity as our lithium batteries.

SSB PowerSport Lithium Batteries are also one of the only Lithium-Ion Batteries that can be charged using normal 12V battery chargers / alternators except for chargers with automatic rejuvination or desulphation modes. SSB PowerSport Lithium Batteries are also 100% organic, fully recyclable and pollution free, making them an excellent green energy source.

The SSB Powersport Lithium High Performance comes with 24 months full replacement warranty. Do not be fooled by other brands that only offer a 2-year pro-rata warranty. A pro-rata warranty is not a full warranty. For example with a pro-rate warranty you might get 6 months full warranty and then 50% refund if the battery fails from 6 – 12 months and then 25% refund if the battery fails between 12 months – 24 months.

• Ultra Light Weight – 1/3 of normal lead-acid battery
• Extra Long Life – Over 2000 cycles compared to 200 – 300 cycles for a lead-acid battery.
• Extremely Quick Recharge Time – Can be recharged with 10C current and be 90% recharged within 6 minutes.
• Safe to Use – The battery cannot explode or catch fire under normal operating conditions.
• Long Shelf Life – The battery can sit unused for over a year without loosing charge.
• Uses Normal 12V Car Chargers – It is one of the only Lithium Batteries that can be charged using normal 12V car battery chargers / alternators.
• Dry Cell Battery – No leaks or spills
• 100% Organic – Fully recyclable and pollution free, making them an excellent green energy source.
• High Energy Efficiency – Higher voltage resulting in a boost in performance and better fuel efficiency.
• Made with Prismatic Cells – Not cylindrical cells