• Die Cast Grid Technology
• High Performance Maintenance Free
• Superior Cranking Power
• Non-spillable/sealed


SSB Automotive Gold series

The SSB Automotive Gold series is our premium range for automotive batteries. These Cast Calcium-Calcium batteries are developed in Australia by Australians to meet the ever-increasing needs of modern vehicles whilst standing up to our harsh environmental conditions.

Featuring Die-Cast Grid Technology, the plates are formed and cast in a mould that creates a solid, sturdier frame around each plate. This helps protect its weaker inner components. Despite being one of the cheapest batteries available today, the manufacturing process ensures that the SSB Automotive Gold series results in better conductivity of current, lower internal resistance, longer service life, and overall battery performance.

The SSB Automotive Gold series batteries are genuinely maintenance-free. They are filled and heat-sealed at the factory. All you need to do is install the battery. You won’t need to add water at the time of purchase, or any time after. SSB Automotive Gold batteries are manufactured to Quality Assurance Standard ISO 9001 and come with 36 Months National Replacement Warranty.

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