12D Long Life Conventional Deep-Cycle Battery

Technical Data
Part No 12D
Volts 6
CCA 600
Reserve Capacity -
Length 228mm
Width 173mm
Height 190mm
Terminal Height 204mm
Weight 14KG
AH (20hr) 110
Regular Charge 11
Max Charge 27.5
Plate Type Die Cast Grid
Separator Type PE Envelope
Usage Starting Deep-Cycle Marine
Terminal Type
Standard SAE Terminal
Terminal Assembly


   Extra Heavy Duty
   Low Maintenance
 Impressive CCA & RC Capacity
  Genuine Die Cast Grid


Many of our customers have come to know the Super Start range as one of the most powerful conventional batteries in Australia that covers one of the most comprehensive automotive, 4WD & truck ranges available.

To complement its existing power we have redeveloped this range with the primary focus being to extend its life. Whilst we have maintained impressive CCA & RC ratings, the Super Start range is now being dubbed as "The Longer Life Battery". 

This range looks much like its older counterpart however its internal construction has been redesigned to significantly increase its life & performance.

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