Agent / Franchise Opportunites


Super Start Batteries Agents are offered the opportunity to sell batteries & associated products to Super Start’s customers exclusively within a geographical area for which they will receive a fixed commission of net sales. They are also able to use the Super Starter Programme, which is a system that Super Start has developed over many years to efficiently sell Super Start’s products and provide high quality service to its customers which is second to none.

Super Start Agents call on its customers every week, which are primarily but not limited to, trade customers within the automotive industry such as mechanics, auto electricians & automotive part shops.

Agents use a 2 or 3 tonne custom-built delivery truck allowing them to deliver the personalised and professional service associated with the Super Start brand

All stock and associated selling material is supplied to the Agent at no cost with the Agents only expenses being vehicle running cost, mobile telephone and possibly rent, electricity etc, depending on storage needs.

A successful Super Start Agent requires hard work, planning and the development of personal relationships with customers. As a Super Start Agent, you will enjoy a professional and respected position in the automotive industry with excellent income potential. Expansion opportunities exist where a Super Start Agent can own additional trucks in their territory as well as additional Agent Territories.



Super Start is looking for highly motivated individuals with the determination to succeed in their own business.

Some of the strengths and attributes that Super Start look for in their Agents are motivation, integrity, enthusiasm, confidence, determination, professionalism and a co-operative spirit.

An ideal Super Start Agent will be fully devoted to making their area a success, along with an ability to deal effectively with customers, build professional relationships and generally enjoy dealing with people in the community.

Service is the key word in a Super Start Agent. Super Start’s products have the reputation of being one of the finest products available for in the automotive trade and customers expect a similar quality of service from their Super Start Agent. A good Super Start Agent will find satisfaction in serving the needs of their customers. Super Start has built its business on service and each of our successful Agents understands that service is one of the most important parts of their success.



As a leading supplier of automotive batteries & associated products, Super Start provides you with an opportunity to invest in a financially strong company with an outstanding reputation for quality, service and innovation.

Your investment in a Super Start Agency depends on your individual situation as there are a number of variations to the programme available.

There are no ongoing fees such franchise fees, training fees, advertising or royalties.

When you invest in an Agency with Super Start you effectively become part of the company and have full access to its administrative resources.  Unlike similar opportunities, you are not required to purchases stock or associated selling equipment as everything that you need to sell Super Start’s products including the stock is provided by Super Start.  Basically as an Agent you will sell products on behalf of Super Start for which you will receive a fixed commission paid monthly.   We have effectively eliminated the need for working capital requirements that come with most franchise type arrangements. Your only ongoing expenses are your vehicle running costs, telephone and possibly rent, electricity etc, depending on storage needs. Virtually everything else is supplied by Super Start at no cost to the Agent.

Although you do not hold ownership of the stock, debtors or the business in general, you do have ownership of the exclusive & indefinite license to profit on the sale of Super Start’s products in your geographical area.  As you build your income, the value of license will increase in value and may be resold by you to other party at a later date. 

As an Agent, you will be required to provide an acceptable form of Guarantee to the value of stock that you hold on your vehicle/premises.

In addition, as an Agent you have the right to open as many retail outlets in your geographical area that you choose.  


What You Get As a Super Start Agent

The following list is supplied to the Agent at not cost and will be supplied on an ongoing basis where needed.

  • Mobile Phone (updated every 1 – 2 years) with very competitive call rates
  • Fuel Card
  • Uniforms
  • Price Lists
  • Catalogs
  • Fitment Guides
  • Conversion Charts
  • Battery Testing Equipment
  • Business Cards
  • Stock
  • Business Insurance (Public Liability)
  • Letter Head
  • Display Posters
  • Battery Display Stands
  • On board live Computer in truck
  • Invoice Books (where applicable)
  • Unlimited support from our team of highly successful & motivated sales team who will assist in maximizing the income in your geographical area.



Super Start realises that, when someone is considering going into business for themselves and has decided a franchise type structure presents the best opportunity for them, there are many, many choices. The most important thing is to pick something that is right for you - something that you will enjoy doing.  Although this is not strictly a franchise, it does have some similarities to a franchise structure but without the excessive start-up capital and ongoing fees.  There are some unique features to the Super Start Agencies that clearly set it apart from most on the market today.

For example:

  • Established progressive company
  • Tried and proven Agent program
  • Comprehensive Product Line
  • Developed Business System
  • No Advertising Fees
  • No ongoing franchise fees
  • No royalties
  • Comprehensive training

Please compare these features with any other franchise or similar opportunities on the market. We think you will agree that the Super Start proposition truly is unique among similar offerings.

Super Start Philosophy

Many franchise companies make their money selling franchises - through the initial franchise fee, the training fee, a monthly royalty fee, the advertising fee and other fees.

Super Start is different. We concentrate on selling high-quality products to professional trade customers through a network of professional Agents. That has always been our strength and that is how we run our business today.

Our focus at Super Start is to make our Agents successful on an ongoing basis because unlike other franchisors, our business is not selling franchises; it's the same as your business - selling high quality products.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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